Saturday, 2 January 2010



This is album is one of my favourite albums this decade every song on this album was amazing and Amy Winehouse come back from her first album FRANK bigger and better than ever.

Every song seemed to be about incidents which she had been through and the more I listened the more I felt connected with Amy and the more she shocked me. Some of the lyrics to her songs were deep and I felt that her songs were a cry for help which had been ignored. I am hoping Amy gets herself together and releases another album which will be bigger than this. My concern was that her parents and the rest of the world could see her crumbling but instead of seeing a woman asking for help we saw a musical genius who had lost control. It seemed the more negative media coverage she got the bigger this album became and it is definitely an album of the decade. No matter if you like her or hate her this album cannot be denied its status and has definitely made history.


Definitely one of the freshest hip hop acts this decade, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco aka Lupe Fiasco. He was a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop industry, he dressed well and spoke about issues that other rappers didn’t. Maybe it was his Muslim heritage that attracted me to Lupe Fiasco but after I saw him perform live I was hooked on the drug that is Lupe Fiasco. This dudes lyrics were amazing and had got me I was now a fan for life. Standing there at Somerset house, The Strand, London I watched the most amazing performer I had seen spit lyrics which other rappers would never split. I have seen big acts like jay z and n*e*r*d perform and he blew them out the water this man to me was on another level live.

He was not another rapper talking about hoes and alcohol; this was a Muslim man who had the crowd every second of his gig. I thank Reena Rai for introducing him to me and asking me to come to the concert with her, both of us were left speechless after his performance. "The cool" was another one of my favourite albums also released by Lupe and showed he had grown musically in many ways.

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