Sunday, 3 January 2010


I have decided to have an "artist of the month" one artist every month who I want to "BIG UP" to the world. They don’t have to be current the artist can be from the old school or one who is fresh to death and new. If you have any ideas of artists who you feel I should "BIG UP" next month please post a comment!

Ok my first artist on this blog is going to be "JAY SEAN", first of all yes I am "BIGGNG HIM UP" because he is a British Asian artist who had made it mainstream. Jay Sean has had a brilliant year and he is definitely gonna be on the scene for a while.

Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti aka Jay Sean is of Punjabi origins and is one of the only British Asian male artists to top the American charts. His success hopefully has opened up the gates for other young talented British Asian Acts to make their mark on the urban music industry. I remember Jay back when he was a member of the Rishi Rich Project, and this was blowing up with young British Asian youths. Rishi, Juggy D and Jay were releasing tracks together and I am going to admit I bought their stuff man because it was bad. Jay became the biggest act on the mainstream to come from that surge of British Asian music. Maybe it was cause he sang R'n'B he appealed to the mainstream and got signed.

After that there seemed to be no stopping Jay Sean, first he released his album "Me Against Myself" and gave us hits like "eyes on you" and "stolen", both of which did well in the UK charts. Then he seemed to disappear from the scene with most of the other acts, who British Asians were hoping would do really well. He later returned in 2008 with his second album "My Own Way" which he released on his own record label and this produce hits like "Ride It" (one of my favourite Jay Sean tracks)and "Maybe".

After this I was shocked when I heard Jay Sean’s "DOWN" as it had the freshest rapper from the USA rapping on it. Then I discovered Jay had been signed to Cash Money records and the track with Lil Wayne (lil weezy baby) was his latest track with a new album to follow. For a young British Asian male to see another one make it was a good feeling, it was like finally one of our own has broken into the industry. I had been supporting Jay from way back and knew he would make it big but I didn’t expect him to be "killin it" in the USA. “BIG UP” Jay Sean whose talents include singing, rapping, song writing, beat-boxing and a producing. Expect "BIG THINGS" from Jay Sean in this coming decade.

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