Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Ok the world has had some talented girls coming from the UK, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Estelle and now it’s time for OBENEWA, she is a soul/ r'n'b singer who has a bad voice. I saw this girl, her sister and Kadija Kamara perform when I went to an Anthony Hamilton concert. All three of the girls were amazing they had brilliant voices and from them girls Obenewa has released a mix tape which I have heard songs from and she is definitely a British talent to watch out for. Her voice is soulful and her lyrics will capture a wide audience, I believe that she could be this year’s new voice from England. This girl hasn’t gone onto any TV show, she has played at clubs and concerts to get herself heard and I’m sure she’s a hard working girl so I’m going to "BIG HER UP". I’m hoping she’s going to be the new British female superstar. She will be big in 2010 and if you haven’t heard her u best go Google OBENEWA MUSIC.


Another artist who I have currently blowing up my I Pod is J Cole, who is an American rapper. This dude has some hectic lyrics and is definitely going to blow up the UK in 2010 if he starts releasing tracks over here. I have heard various tracks from his "warm up" mix tape. This dude made me fall in love with Hip Hop again because I heard that track which spoke to me on his album.
The track is called The Badness;

I know you’re thinking this dude is proper "Bigging up" this new rapper, but I must say he deserves all the credit this dude gets. I’m shocked he hasn’t made it mainstream already because this dude is that good. Like rappers nowadays he doesn’t rely on hectic beats this dude just flows and he keeps on going, aint one track on the "warm up" mix tape that is just okay all the tunes are hectic. So J Cole, I’m expecting big things I can feel 2010 being your year, about time a real rapper made it.

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