Saturday, 2 January 2010


Paris was an amazing city to end the last decade and embrace the new decade. The city is amazing, we only went for the day leaving the UK on the 31/12/09 12am and leaving France 10pm on the 01/01/10. The city has tons of character and history; it seems as if random monuments had been place in every corner of the city.


Food in the city was amazing every meal tasted exquisite (expensive but nice). The city was bursting with lovely little cafe’s with Algerian waiters and waitresses. It was a cultural melting point again highlighting Frances history as people from all its old colonies seemed to be everywhere. The bread in the city was the “best bread I ever tasted” and also the orange juice was “the best I had ever tasted” freshly squeezed. The downside was I don’t think there was enough options for vegetarians all the cafes seemed to sell steak and chicken but all vegetarians like me had was salad, omelette’s and bread (I’m not technically vegetarian I’m Muslim so can only eat halal meat), I’m sure if I looked hard enough I would have found halal restaurants, but I was happy being vegetarian.


The history in the city was immense full of stunning monument, the Eiffel Tower being the cities greatest achievement. It was smaller than what I thought it would be but that did not take away from its grandness I could barely keep my eyes of this beautiful tower. Also the stunning cathedrals and churches which can be found round any corner down various streets were stunning, I went inside one and it was small but was beautiful. All the monuments were spectacular and I felt as if I was in the film “The Davinci Code”, all seemed a bit surreal.


The part I am most excited about, me and my friends drove listening to the regular hip hop, r’n’b, garage and UK grime. When we got into the city we tuned into the French radio and got station ADO 97.8 “Playing the best urban music”. The station was amazing there were no adverts, there was no filler and every track was a killer. The music had blended, it was playing the best of American mainstream music but then also playing the best French music. Female artists with beautiful voices and I am already a fan of French rap. But it was nice to see French artists rapping over beats of immensely famous hip hop beats and adding their own remixes. My appreciation for the French music industry grew, I was already aware that they were into the urban industry but it was nice to hear it on French radio. It will be an industry that I will be keeping my eye on, I believe big things are to come from France.


Finally the fashion something that my friend was introducing me to and if you are a shopper of high brands France is the place for you to be. The streets have so much fashion it’s unbearable, there are streets full of high end couture, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Versace, Armani, and then brand I had never heard of but my friend, the fashion dreamer, was very familiar with.


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