Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Aaliyah Dana Haughton-16/01/1979 - 25/08/01

Where do i start?

Aaliyah was an artist who I grew up with she was cool when she came on the scene and my peer group related to her cause she wasn’t much older than us. She was an amazing talent that was taken away from us when she was about to take over the music scene.

I was a fan since her second album "one in a million" as I was way to young when her first album, which she released at the age of 14, "age ain't nothing but a number" was released. Her first album was mentored by R. Kelly but her second album was mentored by producing greats Timberland and Missy Elliot. The first album had some amazing tracks which included "age ain't nothing but and number", "back and forth" and "at your best, you are love". These are all tracks which I still play now she was the r'n'b jam princess after the queen Mary J Blige. Each track was amazing and for a fourteen year old this young girl sang songs which were grown and was competing with grown female r'n'b artists.

The second album was amazing and it had crazy beats which were to be expected from Missy and Timberland. Aaliyah had a soulful voice and I will admit I was under her spell as was the rest of the r'n'b world. She had me and from the second album she released hit tracks "hot like fire", "4 page letter", "one in a million" and one of my favourite tracks "if your girl only knew" (I actually own this single on cassette, it was a b side with "one in a million"). I was in love with Aaliyah by this time and her music was regularly "bumping" on my stereo.

Then Aaliyah started a mainstream acting career and was a the leading female of a blockbuster which was "Romeo Must Die". I own a copy of this film and I have seen it so many times I think I know all the lines. With this film there was also a soundtrack which I also own and Aaliyah sang a few of the songs on this album. My favourite song is "are you feelin me", which plays in the club when her and Jet Li are dancing, just before DMX dies in the film. This film proved to the world that Aaliyah was more than a singer she was also an amazing actress, after this film she also played a vampire in "Queen of the Damned". I also own this film and I though Aaliyah looked amazing as a vampire and would not minded if she had bit me.

Then on August 25, 2001, at 6:45 pm Aaliyah passed away in a plane crash, where her plane was overweight and her pilot had a fake certificate as well as traces of drugs in his body. Aaliyah died on the scene and on that day the music world lost a big bright star. I remember when this happened and I remember posting a message of how much I loved her and what a loss she would be to the industry on a memorial website. I watched her funeral on TV and was moved by the 22 doves which were released to represent each year in her life. The funeral was aired on TV and hundreds of fans had lined the streets to pay tribute to a star.

Aaliyah also had two more album one called "Aaliyah" and the other called "I Care for You". Both these albums showed what we had lost and how Aaliyah had grown as a musician. There were some massive hits on these albums including "more than a woman", "rock the boat", "miss you" and "I care for you". Aaliyah also had lots of work lined up including more acting work which the world will never get to see. This is my personal tribute to a Legend and my favourite r'n'b princess


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