Tuesday, 9 March 2010

TOP 10 MC's

MTV did a list of the top ten greatest mc's of all time and I ain’t feelin it. Click the link below to view it;


Imma beak it down I ain’t feelin this list because "Jigga man" is number one, are u kidding me. Jigga man number one, ok I am not hating because I agree jay is a good rapper but seriously number one. This list has made me vex that’s why I’m posting a real list and jigga ain’t number. Actually I don’t think I’m going to even add the freemason to my list, allow him.

Now let’s kick this list off;

10. LL Cool J - I think LL is too cool! the guy has some awesome tracks and like he said "something like a Phenomena

9. Ice Cube and Ice T - Sorry I cant separate these two rappers turned actors - i wish they would have dropped some more albums but you can’t deny there two of raps heavy hitters

8. Mos Def - the dude is ill the man can freestyle anything - he freestyle like mad

7. K R S one - "whoop whoop that’s the sound of da police whoop whoop that’s the sound of the beast" - need I say more

6. Big Daddy Kane - One of the biggest rappers from "the golden age" of rap

5. Eminem - I didn’t like em when he came on the scene but imma have to give him props he has been one of the most influential rappers after the Pac and Biggie era

4. Rakim - the guy has been round since the 80's and he is still doing it and has been a highly influential rapper in the industry

3. Nas - was spectacular, his lyrics are amazing and his flow is untouchable

2. Biggie Smalls - his lyrics were tight, no one could compete with his lyrical ability.

1. Tu Pac - greatest mc of all time as a complete package; musician, actor, poet, leader, revolutionary, soulful - every Tu Pac song told a story and connected with the mainstream and the streets.

also nuff love to the other rappers who arre awesome to name a few 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Rev Run, Snoop, Dre, Chuck D, theres too mant to name and Jay u aint in my list u lucky some mad good rappers died or you would have been long gone by now.

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