Monday, 19 July 2010


This is a post explaining the "settle age", the age people go mad and just settle which I don’t understand. This is how it goes it seems that some ladies and gentlemen have a "settle age" where they drop the standards that they have had when looking for the "right person". This is to all those couple where the female or male are way out of their partner’s league. I’m not saying every couple like that because some of them are in love, but some couples have just settled (hello increase in divorce rate). You know the ones when you’re walking around the mall and u see a "buff buff buff chick" and she with a fool, seriously u know in your head either that dude rich or she scared of being lonely (ladies obviously the other way round for ya’ll, unless u swing the other other way and that’s fine).

Reasons behind this include a fear of becoming "the cat lady/man" you know that old person who lives in your street with seventy cats and no kids. The fear of being lonely I think is the deepest reason for this, even strong confident people have this insecurity I guess it depends how much u let it eat at you. I think also some pretty folk have "trust" issues and don’t date other pretty folk because they feel that they will cheat on them, so they lower standards as they are damn sure that person is going to be grateful for what they have.

this "settle age" ranges between 25 - 33 and if you make it past this age u are hopeful "the one" will find you, so u better believe u are right because why settle when it’s all gonna come find you. "Settle age" folk usually vary some stick it out, some learn to actually fall in love and some break up. But hey I guess this is life and we live and learn....

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