Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Got Me Thinking......

I watched Clash of the Titans, did not see this in cinema because I heard it was not very good, but yesterday I bought it and thought it was a very entertaining film. I don't believe in Greek mythology, I think it is fascinating but I dont believe in it and from my previous post's i gather you would have realised I'm Muslim.

Then this film got me thinking have we come to and age where man thinks he is better than god? Was this a representation of society today where many chose not to believe in the scriptures and prophets of God?

I personally do find it hard to believe that people don't think God exists, I have grown up in a religious household and have many friends who come from different faiths and they all have faith in God. I also have friends who believe in nothing and always debate this matter, for debate is healthy to see other people views and why they have them.

Like this film I think people expect so much from God, and think why are there problems, there shouldn't be problems, everything should be wonderful all the time. But we are no longer in the garden of Eden, we are in a world where there is right and wrong and where the devil is free to try and tempt people into rejecting faith. His greatest trick of making man think he doesn't exist seems to working I don't wanna force my views on people, but I have views and this film got me thinking about myself and my faith. Do I pray five times a day everyday, no I don't, and I think I should as this is what god has asked of me.

The film goes onto say that the Greek gods need the humans prayers, but god doesn't need my prayers, I need them. I need them to purify my soul for each of us will leave this world alone, my faith and what I believe in needs them. He created this world and created me, if he wants he can create many more for he is the creator. Other people may have seen this film and thought nothing of it, but it got me and I think that may have been part of the message the director was sending out. It made me look at myself as a person and what more I maybe should do, in the form of prayer, charity and generally helping people where I can.

Also like the end of the film, the devil will lose and man will realise that they cant compete with the creator. I have faith!

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